Part 2 A Perceptive Intent for You

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G’day Perceptive Readers, In years past, we hosted the Product of Culture online magazine. In my writing and features I talked about musicians and highlighted their videos. You would be pleasantly surprised at some of the talent highlighted here at this website! Though I will name names from time to time, you can actually get ahead by listening to the Perceptive Readers Podcast. Check out seasons 1 thru 4. If you find a specific podcast that helped you in some way please give it a share. Have a wonderful day! – James
Perceptive and Perception Reference Article
Perceptive reading and listening is acquired through daily practice. Most assuredly, when you are reading a subject that brings pleasure, and is your “cup of tea,” as the expression goes, it’s easier to discern hidden treasures while looking in on that subject or topic.
Is Perceptive Reading Needed Before Perception?
The perceptive meaning is not the same as perception (an idea, a belief or an image you have as a result of how you see or understand something) .
Perceptive: Is having or showing the ability to see or understand things quickly, especially things that are not obvious.
Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
Now when your reading involves a topic that has never been a serious interest or motivation, important points are often overlooked, even though they would open an in-depth angle to mentally grasp the information.
The Perceptive Desire and Intention Yields Results
For example, you have people who read books on flowers, while others love reading about cars. Imagine for a moment when they switch books with one another, how much will each learn or grasp the topic?
The person who loves flowers reads the car book slower and gets less on the subject.
While reading about flowers: The person who loves plants will unearth and grasp more insightful points reading the flower book than the car book.
The person who loves cars reads the flower book slower and gets less on the subject.
While reading about cars: The person sees not only how things work but also the imagination becomes active on how to make it even better. Cosmetically as well. Have you seen teenagers with their first souped up car? (Reference 1950s to 1990s car pictures)
When you already love a subject, your perception of it becomes even closer/clearer to the mark or bulls-eye right because of the sincere intent and efforts. ‘My dear Watson you are indubitable correct’
Take a listen at these following 4 podcasts locations and find a topic you are interested in to the point of having an in-depth understanding as well. Maybe even to the point of talking about it further with others
Perceptive Readers Podcast Selections
Perceptive Intent for You Thanks for reading and sharing.