Part 1 Creative Writing and Enthralling Results

Creative Writing is great storytelling put to paper. Why do you enjoy theater and movies? It is all because you can appreciate the imagination of writers.

Yes, what the writer’s imagination can share with us to make us laugh, cry, and think.
This is what creative writing is all about.

As one of many sources explain about creative writing, you are not restricted to technical, journalistic, or styles of academic writing.

Hence, your story telling abilities are unleashed on the world to give people a new story to talk about…

As an example of the above, this is what the Truman Show provided for the world; a good show with a whole lot to think about.

During your summer break activities, you may take the time to watch the Truman show and see how a writer(s) unleashed abilities in creative writing produced a show that more than a number of people were surprised did not receive awarded propers.

The writing and production of the Truman Show IHMO is on par with many of the award-winning shows over the past two decades, why was it overlooked?

It is for you to decide…

With the above said, I transcribed and quoted a video review of The Truman Show, by MakeBetterMedia.

As of this moment for the transcribed of this posting, this has not been placed on YouTube with the video.

Here is the video location.

The announcement for the transcription will be on homepage so you will know when YouTube accepts it.

Here is Part 2 Creative Writing and Enthralling Results Truman Show 

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