Ostrich Burying His Head Character Scenario

“The ostrich burying his head in the sand” would make an interesting character.

Imagine reading about ‘character A’ who will not acknowledge or address a problem in a way that is warranted.

Take for instance someone riding in a car while the gas gauge is fast approaching empty. Even though the person is told that the car will run out of gas, for some reason or reasons ‘character A’ will not take steps to fill up the gas tank. What happens next?

At the conclusion, a narrator of such an account could say: “Since ‘character A’ buried his/her head in the sand like an ostrich, undesirable consequences are faced.”

Such an interesting expression wouldn’t you say? Do ostriches really try to avoid danger by ignoring it?

The ostrich burying his head reaction

An ostrich does not bury its head in the sand or dirt when threaten. The opinion of some who viewed ostriches laying their heads on the ground and myths have caused inquirers to misunderstand the ostrich’s actions and intentions. In any case, the animal is very much aware of its surroundings when danger approaches and they are alert to take action!

Would you be interested in reading about characters where you might aptly ask: “Is the ostrich burying its head in the sand?”

How about ‘character B’ placed in the same scenario? When the tank runs out of gas, the second solar powered energy device turns on for the car. A source of power that you as the reader did not even know was in the vehicle!

Hence, by the end of the story, you find out the character was alert and aware of what to do in order to address the problem with the best and true solution.

Do you think this would make for interesting reading? Are characters A and B identifiable? What types of characters do you enjoy reading about?

Closing expressions on the Ostrich Burying His Head

This post helped the website’s admin in three areas:

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