Only Hope Special Music Cover

John Foreman – Only Hope – A Special Rendition By Alex G and Guerrero
A Walk To Remember has to be one of the sweetest movies I’ve seen over the years. Oh my, in observation, it is enough to make you want to borrow someone’s tears if your eyes are dry after watching this movie. (Hey, not that I cried or anything, my allergies just got the best of me that day.)

John Foreman – Only Hope – A Special Rendition By Alex G and Guerrero

Now, just how much do I love the song Only Hope (Sound Track-A Walk To Remember)By John Foreman, of the group Switchfoot; now sang by Alex G & Gustavo Guerrero

Well, A Walk to Remember came out in the year 2002. Since that period, annually I have a natural routine of going through a playlist of songs I listen to and Only Hope is at the beginning of that list, imagine that! Am I providing TMI (Too Much Information) here? I can’t even use the excuse it is for rating review purposes, huh?

Seriously, nor do I desire to make one. A Walk to Remember is a beautiful movie with Only Hope as a beautiful theme song for the movie that IMHO is a classic.

Here at this website, Alex G and her songwriting business have been featured before. She is a neat person. But now that Alex and Gustavo Guerrero have covered this song it just makes me want to say, “I think you both are pretty unique.”

John Foreman Introduces “Only Hope”

You readers will appreciate John Foreman’s seal of approval and special introduction  for Alex G & Gustavo Guerrero covering the precious thoughts in his song
Alex G statement: This was such a joy to cover with my dear friend Gustavo Guerrero ( This song is so special and it was an honor to create our own version of it. Thank you for watching, and thank you to Jon Foreman for your kind and generous endorsement! You are the best and such a brilliant songwriter. Thank you!
It is an accumulated pleasure of mine to present here on the Product of Culture website (aka POCBOOKS) Alex G & Gustavo Guerrero version of “Only Hope”
John Foreman- Only Hope–A Special Rendition By Alex G and Guerrero
John Foreman – Only Hope – A Special Rendition By Alex G and Guerrero
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