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Oneness pocbooks update Moment

The POCBOOKS Update Moment – Oneness

Welcome to this extra feature of the Perceptive Readers. In this podcast, the statements we will want to pay attention to happen to be:


Many persons talk about Oneness, in the concept of unity. People also believe there are already proven benefits that most humans will readily agree to the nature of everyone getting along in harmony.
Does this mean personal boundaries and freedom of choice go out the window, as the expression goes? In other words, do we lose who we are as individuals, (hive mind) just to be in harmony?
Well, take a listen to these moments of thoughts and experience on the subject of Oneness. What Oneness is not; and what Oneness is today in life, trade, gift giving, and something else!

The Perceptive Readers episode duration runs from 15 to 40 minutes.
This new POCBOOKS Update Moment running time is always concluded within the 5 minutes window of time.

These episodes are straight from my phone with no editing. Whoa, prepare for yourself for this; dogs barking, trees talking, and all types of nature sounds will be coming across on these short episodes. If you enjoy them, please share these episodes with a friend.

Take care, James

Author,podcaster, and writer

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