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One or Two. A and B community understanding

One or Two. A and B community understanding

Are you the type of person who can carry out a major undertaking for just one or two individuals? Take for instance blogging and video content. Even when the audience is diverse, it seems best to concentrate on the audience that gains the most benefit or value in what you are saying or producing. I guess you would call it “being true to yourself”. In my case, “being true to yourself”, may be it just appeals to one or two people? Ha ha

Well, one or two people, you know about the weirdness and dry humor we possess; but hey, you are my audience. What is written here at times is like an A + B conversation. Therefore, any readers who make themselves out to be a “C” can always ask you or me if they want to know more about the content (they do not appreciate) that you understand and appreciate.

Recently, I’ve had a person report to me something a person had stated, and they wanted to know if I had a connection with them. I told them “no” we have never talked about this or that subject.

So I just want to thank you 1 or 2 people who follow up when attempts are made to confuse you by “C” parties. Whatever may be insinuated, you know how to follow up with me and find out what is true.

Yes, this is one more reason why I always place impetus with you on communication. Communication protects you and our valuable glittering community relationship. It does not matter that it is a small community. At least not to me. 🙂 You know we use knowledge to help one another. It is sad, but a fact of life at this time, “C” parties will try to infiltrate and insinuate things to undermine it. Even people we don’t even know.

With that said, always keep in mind you interested ones can always ask me about what is written here along with your concerns. You make up Product of Culture (POCbooks) sincere community audience, right?

Here is an additional feature thought. Because of an informative analysis made by Daniela Andrade, it moved me to embed this video interview in the post. Though she is talking about the YouTube community, a lot of content creators can identify with her experience and what to expect when…

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