Old Friends Jasmine Thompson

Old Friends Jasmine Thompson Remembers in Song

Listening to Jasmine Thompson’s music creates a rippling effect of throwing a gemstone into the pond, with beautiful scenic plants, of the heart. Jasmine Thompson’s song selections and your life’s experiences, like gravity, creates the momentum in the pond.
One song may be the size of a glistening gemstone, like a winner’s medallion, that when thrown into the lake, you immediately see the wavelengths effect spread around and outward. You wonder how far and deep it goes? You pause and then continue your stroll along the bank.
Then there are additional selections of Jasmine’s songs where the carat’s weight held in the palm of your hand is a sight to see and feel! When you throw it into the pond close to the bank, the waves not only ripples outward, but they bounce off the opposite bank, and then the waves return to you. Such is the force of Jasmine’s voice and song. Like gravity, your ears receive and your heart feels its pull in relaxing ways.

Old Friends is such a song.

Jasmine Thompson Remembers

As the pond’s ripples returns, back and forth, the heart recalls memories of our long time Friends.  There is an appreciation for such ones that go deeper and deeper underneath the surface of the waters. For these Friends, there is a revealed underground cavern. Ah, another beautiful sight to see. How many precious gemstones and vibrant plants we see there? Some of these Friends may no longer be around. But their memories still come to mind as you stroll along while looking at the rippled reflections of the past.

You will most likely enjoy both versions (lyrics) of Jasmine Thompson’s song. The Product of Culture website is very pleased to share with you Jasmine’s Thompson’s Official video!

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Wonderland EP Available May 19th.
Pre-order now at https://Atlantic.lnk.to/Wonderland

Official website: http://www.jasminethompsonmusic.com/
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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TantrumJas

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