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Dear Perceptive Readers, Hope you are having a pleasant day.

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Sept 23 You will want to check this out😁 See Shirley Setia & Crypto

Sept 21 How many of you writers actually set the timer on making a fresh pot of coffee at night for a writing project?
Or do you mostly write in the mornings?

Sept 19 Enjoy the Tumblr sharings this week. Of course you can also check this home page as new posts arrive, have a pleasant day -James

Sept 15 This is a thought for you bright minds. If you feel sluggish, vitamin drinks may be just what you need. Best regards

Fyi, There are different ways to manage your crypto currency; Metamask is one of them. At this point I’m having problems with importing my wallet with any Metamask (chrome,Firefox,brave, and edge)  browser extension. This problem just started when I refreshed my computer. Do you have any idea what is going on?
Regards James Lynch

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On Sept 12 The Harp of Pleasantries is of one such creative expression…
G’day Perceptive Readers

You see in some persons artistic creations they aren’t micromanagers of others, but they will not take exception in having their fine delicate artistic brush and ink being ruined by someone else’s mental hands either. Do you get the sense of this? – Sage Poetic

Hope you have a fabulous day

A person speaks his or her concerns because it helps themselves, and others as well. Have you ever listened to my podcasts on “Public Declaration?” What about the Apples and Oranges series

On Sept 9 You Readers and listeners who enjoy Art and Poetry PoeArtisty realize we are meant to live forever. You also know our high quality of life is a gift. From who? Oh, you know in your heart. Best regards, J.

Writers, Authors, and Poets keep developing your skills. If you could write a letter to the True God, what would you write about? Kind regards

On Sept 8: A day of beautiful creation, which infuses beautiful feelings in God’s children.

On Sept 5: These Huzzaz powered presentations you see carried out on the website is what I’ve done for years before the public became interested. It was all a part of my creative writing and commentary preparation. I’m glad you have also found value in them.

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