Nosey with Knowledge – on the move

Greetings Subscribers, this article is much more than being nosey.

Things my mother would say;
“That’s what you get for not minding your own business.”

This means when people are nosey and don’t respect your boundaries, their spying WILL cause them to see and hear conversations that the person (or even the Grand Creator) has not given them permission to see or hear.

Karma Result: At times, for a moment, the nosey person will wish they weren’t so nosey and disrespectful for what privacy information they keep stealing.

“Knowledge puffs up”
This is so true in many ways in today”s worldly knowledge.

Nosey with Knowledge

Speaking of ways, nosey people love their ability to spy so much, that they won’t give up such a disrespectful practice that makes them feel elevated over others. In which they use as an opportunistic means just to manipulate others for personal gain and gaslight them when they don’t like their views,

From my mind to your mind – My Best wishes, James Romans 2:1-15

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Author: james.lynch

My name is James Lynch Jr. I am an author, writer, and vendor of intriguing creativity. There is still plenty of non-fiction reading produced as well.