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New Raven Poetry in April 2020

New Raven Poetry in April 2020

“Breathe Deeply for it is a privilege

See the moon and the stars for they shine like you

Listen to the wind for it is creation and formation

Feel your heartbeat as it beats for you.

Taste your lips as they sing for you”

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Thanks for reading and sharing Raven Poetry in April. Raven Poetry is also highlighted on the Perceptive Readers podcast and videos. Check out bitchute channels as well. Thank you for listening and sharing her thought provoking and sensitive poetry. You can have confidence that Raven will continue to be inspired to write for you in the weeks and years to come.

A pocbooks creation shared poem

Spring Acrostics
Spring AcrosticsSpend more time outdoors.Promotes happiness and good cheer.Renew the plant and gardening season.Ideally a season to start household projects.Newness in the air is around and about.Glad to be able to enjoy this time for another year someone shouts. – Poetry in the Mirror

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