NETFLIX Original Haters Back Off Reviews with a Grade

Haters Back Off Reviews with a Grade

The funniest and original characters of the millennium!

Haters Back Off | Teaser [HD]

Cast Members – Characters

Colleen Ballinger – Miranda Sings Steve Little – Jim
Angela Kinsey – Bethany Erik Stocklin – Patrick
Francesca Reale – Emily Chaz Lamar Shepherd- Keith


Preparing for Haters Back Off Reviews. Huh?

The regular readers of this website will want to know this fact:

I watched the first two episodes of “Haters Back off!” without drinking coffee. Yes, you can believe what your eyes just read. I went over twenty-four hours without a sip of coffee before watching the new NETFLIX Original Haters Back Off!

The significance of this statement lies in the following reasons; also readers are probably saying, “He went twenty-four hours without drinking coffee is he all right?”

The answer to your question lies in the following bullet points:

  • Drinking coffee is a stimulant that elevates my alertness and happiness.
  • I wanted to watch this new series without already being in an overly cheerful state. Waking first thing in the morning, without drinking coffee, certainly is a baseline for calm emotions. (Do you feel me?)
  • I wanted to watch this new series without preconceived ideas.

Now I am prepared to review Haters Back Off objectively!

Ratings used for Haters Back Off! -NETFLIX Original

Here is the rating system used at this website to grade movies and shows:

  1. Artistic
  2. Intelligent Writing
  3. Comedy
  4. Acting
  5. Props

Grading scale 1(poor) – 5 (Great Job!)

I watched two of the eight episodes so far; however, there are no spoilers in this review. As I have mentioned before in past reviews, when you desire to watch a show for relaxation and fun, and you know what is going to happen through the way of reading spoilers, then the show loses something.

It loses a degree of anticipation and surprise. Your mind’s detective mode kicks in to figure out when certain spoilers you heard or read will appear in each scene. You also miss out on subtleties that show the quality of acting and intelligent writing.

Review & Grade Summary

Please allow this little spoiler on the opening of the first episode. After observing the opening, I wonder if you will react in a similar way to hearing Miranda sing as I did?

Now this is all in good humor for sure; but I found myself (with head turned at an angle. Maybe like when a puppy hears a whistle) expressing, “Oh my… Oh my…(turning the sound to the television down just a little)… Oh, my.”

This is what makes the show work. Haters Back Off is over the top in every conceivable way that the comedy & intelligent writing is known for in some of the yesteryears notable mentions!

Comedians like Abbott & Costello and Rodney Dangerfield just to name styles of slapstick humor. Colleen Ballinger brilliantly makes this Miranda world work!

Make no mistake about it, every cast (and support) member played their roles well. Jim caused me to laugh the most in the first two episodes. Inasmuch, each character will challenge you to hold in your laughter and smile at least once. Maybe not so much Emily, you will see what I mean, but you will enjoy her character all the same.

The chemistry of the family in this humorous theatrical setting works! Have I said this before? Please allow me to express this one more time. Worldwide Haters Back off! will appeal to different backgrounds and age ranges; it works!

Here are my combined ratings for the first two episodes.

  1. Artistic 4
  2. Intelligent Writing 4
  3. Comedy 5
  4. Acting 5
  5. Props 5


Congrats to the Haters Back off! Crew and NETFLIX

Ariana Grande: “Congrats to my friend for life @ColleenB123 on the premier of @hatersbackoff !! i love you and i am so happy for you for a million reasons.”

Colleen Ballinger: “Who’s your favorite character???? What’s your favorite part? What did you think??? I’m DYING!!! #HatersBackOff”

These talented comedians and writers will touch your funny bone and your heart! YOU are wished continued success in this series and positivity in life! – “Spread love and not hate.”