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Nationwide is on Your Side-Tori Kelly Sings Yes

Nationwide FeaturingTori Kelly

Nationwide is on Your side? Tori Kelly Sings “Yes”  

When someone says and shows they hold in high regards what you value; then trust is built. -Culture

Do you appreciate the titled question?
You may rephrase the question by asking is Nationwide on my side? This is a valid question that Tori Kelly is melodically qualified to answer not only yours but by extension, everyone’s question; is Nationwide on your side?
Tori Kelly – Song
Nationwide knows that there’s more than one side to every person. They will help you identify, protect, and grow your many sides.

Nationwide-Protecting What Matters to You


“At Nationwide, we work hard to protect what matters most to you and your family.”

In the year of 2017, Nationwide ranked top 5 in the best car insurance category.
With attaining 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars rating system, you know they hold their responsibilities of coverage protection and service as the HIGH priority.

J.D. Power is just one of the trusted sources used to examine and rate customer satisfaction in Nationwide products.

Be sure to visit the Nationwide website and read more about perks like SmartRide and Vanishing deductible. It makes you feel good when you receive rewards for your skillful and safe driving habits; wouldn’t you agree?

They will work hard for it not be a second thought on whether or not it should have been Nationwide and us.
You will not have to worry about a thing!
Because we know Nationwide will give us the perfect policy to take back home to Momma. Tell her Nationwide is on your side.

Tori Kellyy

Henceforth, though we live with positive gusto, if something unforeseen happens, you want to have the right amount of insurance coverage for the valuable ones in your life; from the people who care at Nationwide.

Tori Kelly Instagram

You can also find the Nationwide video featuring the song from tori Kelly on her instagram. Be covered, Be safe, and live with gusto!


honored to share my take on the @nationwide jingle ✨🎬

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