My Love is Your Love

My Love Is Your Love — Ana Free x (The Best Friends Forever Song) Marié Digby

My Love Is Your Love.  An enduring friendship song by Ana Free x Marié Digby.
Before the Product of Culture website features another one of your favorite musicians in Marié Digby and Ana Free, the owner of this site would like to share a few thoughts with their beautiful song, My Love Is Your Love.

Never lose the Meaning of a Friend
We at times lose friends through:

Major Fallouts
Life Force Returns to the Source of Origin

These moments often cause us to give more consideration of what that person truly meant or means to you. Your heart speaks, “This person matters to me.”

The word friend has to be one of the most beautiful words in the universe to say to someone else when it is unequivocally meant. Why would this writer make such a statement? Because there is another word that people agree on is the height of beauty. This word is love; and yes, if the friendship is likened to a beautiful form, then love is the crown beauty wears.

As long as two or more people wear this crown, then the friendship will always be beautiful. Years can go by, and the physical aspects of our personality fade, but love endures forever.

With love in mind and heart, do you recall the emotions felt the last time you saw a friend who needed help? Many of you have friends in different geographic areas near and far; how then did you feel when you heard your friend’s plea over the phone for help? Or maybe heard it from a reliable source? That reliable source could have possibly been a loving friend to you both.

Either way, what do you feel when you know a friend is down?

Marié Digby is one of those types of personalities that will go to great lengths to do the things to make sure a friendship survives in love. Love means proactive actions for her. You know when the neighbor’s cat is stuck in the tree, she will be the first one to climb it or call the fire department to bring the cat home to the safety of loving arms.

How much more so she does for her friendships with the wonderfully made humans of creation?

A lot of people identify with such dignified feelings to alleviate the suffering of others; with impetus placed on a loving friend.

I would now like to introduce a charming and meaningful song cover by Ana Free and Marié Digby. These two have weathered the storm in the past that people who sincerely care about one another may face at least once in their life.  After the music video, please return with me for the concluding remarks.

My Love Is Your Love- Ana Free x (Forever Friends Song) Marié Digby

“Ana and I decided to do a fun, upbeat, and sweet throwback song with this one =) We hope it makes you feel good xoxo”

Poem: Near or Far; My Friend

I may not know much
But I know what a friend is

I may not know where I am going
But you have always stood here and there along the way

If not in presence; then in spirit

I may not feel well at times
But your smile causes my tummy to stop rumbling

I may not say things just right
But your ears of understanding still hears my heart

I may not always feel my best
I may not always look my best
But even when you don’t have on your spectacles you see beauty in me.

Right now the way of the world is to one day Rest In Peace
Still, your friendship with me will Live On Forever

I may not know much of anything
However, what I do know and will always remember is the friend you have been to me.

Near or Far; You are My Forever Friend – (Poem Also Featured in Perceptive Readers Episode 11)
-Product of Culture Website

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