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Musician Colors in Musical Instruments and Voice

Musician Colors in Musical Instruments and Voice

The Marie Digby WildFire and iTunes Charts

Marié Digby

“Marie is a songstress of music and preciseness.” The reasons for her music’s appeal is looked at through both imagination and the creativity of bringing original songs that audiences want to hear.

Penne Cole Reviews Cambodia Tasty Dishes

Penne (Cole) Pullen

Scenic/food Photography on this page often comes from Penne Pullen ,(Masters in Business Administration) a management consultant by profession.


James Lynch Jr.

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Product of Culture 

Colors of The Wind -Musician Colors in Musical Instruments and Voice

Their Expressions in Music 

Welcome to this feature in the Product of Culture (POCBOOKS) website. The musicians highlighted exhibit skills in voice, instruments, and production. Their style is who they are, and yet; like with most humans, possess diverse qualities to varying degrees that encompass colors of warmth and connection. Musician Colors in Musical Instruments and Voice

Who Are They? What Are They Up To? 

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Marié Digby
Facing West
Jasmine Thompson
Megan Nicole
Spring Wind - Song Interpretation by Havasi
Chrissy Costanza The Rocking Voice of ATC
Chrissy Costanza (ATC)
@KeshaRose's song Praying
Kurt Schneider(KHS)
Kina Grannis all My Life
Kina Grannis
Madilyn Bailey
Tori Kellyy
Tori Kelly
Daniela Andrade
Samantha Preis News in the Music
Samantha Pries
Shirley Setia