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The Musical Gift In Arianna Morgan

It is common to take a glance at something and then quickly move to the next item. The same holds true to listening.  An individual will find it a challenge to quickly move past the singing of Arianna Morgan!

Arianna Morgan Interview

The musical gift she shares has turned out to be something that the global family can enjoy.  She and her parents were gracious enough to allow me to interview her. By the way, did I mention at the time of this interview she is only 10 years old?

Hi Arianna.  You certainly have a gift and we are sure your parents are so proud of you.

1)    Host: First off, Arianna, why do you sing? Does your family come from a musical background?

Arianna: I really enjoy singing and I have been singing since the age of 8. I’m 10 now, but will be 11 on the 1st of March. My Mum was also a singer in a band in the Far East and retired in 2000.

2)    Host:  Do you play any instruments? Is there an instrument you love the sound of more than others?

Arianna: I do play the guitar and piano sometimes; but I’m still learning. I love the sounds of the violin and enjoy listening to the group Escala.

3)    Host: You carry yourself as a very respectful young person.  You are also very adept with using the social networks to promote your music.  Do you have any views or advice on how to represent a product or brand name?  In other words, how important is it to be professional while using the social networks?

Arianna: When using twitter, etc… I say things how I see them; it doesn’t matter what the product or brand is, people will either like it or hate it.

And it’s the same with music. I’ve learned from my parents that you “got to take good comments with the bad” and I always respect people’s opinions.
I will always reply to anyone and anywhere whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc… Fans are the people that make musicians and celebrities what they are, and it doesn’t matter if you have 100 fans, or a million fans; it doesn’t cost anything to reply to them in kind.

4)    Host: Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

Arianna: Yes, I love playing football (soccer) as my dad played professional for 16 years. I also play hockey and enjoy swimming.

5)    Host: What effect would you like for your music to have on the world?

Arianna: Like all artists I would love my music to bring peace and harmony in all countries and to people of all faiths, race, color and creed.  I’m very grateful and thankful to get so many messages from all over the world sharing their support and kindness.

6)    Host:  Arianna, you have already given quite a few interviews. And we know you have been asked many questions.  Still, I cannot help but ask is there a question you wish someone would ask you, but they never do?  Please share with us the question and why?

Arianna: Yes, I would love to be asked, “If you had one wish that would come true, what it would be?” In the click of my fingers there would be no weapons, hatred, poverty, disease or hunger anywhere on this planet.

7)    Host: Where does your inspiration come from?

Arianna Morgan: My Mum and Dad. My Dad has gone to charity events in many different countries and supports lots of charities here where we live. My Mum and Dad are very kind and supportive to myself and my little brother and sister.  Through my singing I have helped raise over £20.000
for charities between the age of 9 and 10.

Host: Thank you Arianna Morgan  ariannaofficial.co.uk  for taking the time to share your music and dreams with us.

One day the whole earth will see such dreams as yours realized. May you have success now and in what truly matters.

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