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Music Giving Honor Comfort and Strength!

The Kingdom is In Place and stable in heaven. Many people are coming to appreciate the daily events that happen in the spirit realm, though unseen by human eyes, directly affects the physical realm. Well, Jehovah has provided the earth with many beautiful things, this includes the ability to sing and create music motivated out of our love for him.

For your encouragement, the links to these news songs have been provided. When you listen to these songs, really pay close attention to the words. The music sheet of the songs are also available for download via JW Library APP and the JW.ORG website.

Music certainly helps to comfort us, give us strength, and praise Jehovah God even when we are alone. Do you appreciate this? (smile)

Personally, by listening to Song 139, it just gives me even more of a deeper appreciation when one of Jehovah’s People says “I will pray for you”.

Why? Because Little Ones, I really do pray for each of you to fully grasp the meaning of what is happening in the spirit realm that produces an effect over the whole earth! Some of you I have known for over 4 years thanks to the Social Media access. The time is moving forward, you know as humans we also have to move forward. Hope these songs strike an uplifting cord in your heart!

These New Sing to Jehovah Songs can be viewed (music video) and listened to at JW.ORG.

Each song touches me in its own way. However, there is one song in particular that has been played more than the others. Can you guess which song it is? (Rhetorical) Hmm, guess it shows a mindset I really identify with.


Here is the list of New Songs! You can click on the picture to be taken to the videos of the songs being song by a choir.


136 The Kingdom is In Place- Let It Come! (Revelation 11:15; 12:10)




137 Grant Us Boldness (Acts 4:29)




138 Jehovah is your Name (Psalms 83:18)




139 Teach Them to Stand Firm (Matthew 28:19,20)

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