Star Trek Commentary From A Child’s Vision on

Mudd’s Women

Do you have a sense of humor?

If you do, then right at the end of this episode, it will cause you to crack up. Depending on how much you like to laugh there are more scenes that will cause you to chuckle as well.

This episode focuses in on outward beauty appearances, and a well written illustrated lesson on the inward beauty that has an attractiveness shining in such brilliance; you can’t help but notice it!

Let the ones who have eyes see.

Allow the duck to become a swan.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In every woman’s husband, there is a handsome king.

In every man’s wife, there is a beautiful queen.

Through the trials and revelations in this episode, you will comprehend and deeply appreciate the above 5 listed statements.

This Star Trek episode also displays what happens when we are not staying true to ourselves and worth. As I stated before, however, this episode is written with the serious romance & considerations of what is involved in matrimony, along with humorous facial expressions from one character in particular. This is the episode called Mudd’s Women.

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