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Moon River A Classic for you when sang by Marié Digby

 Moon River A Classic for you when sang by Marié Digby.

“Marie is a songstress of music and preciseness.”

This talented musician’s innate abilities allows her to listen and cradle the essence of songs she desires to perform. The experience Marie has in music education, which has been explored here, Marié Digby’s Wildfire EP of Love’s Imagination , is a helpful read for her fans.

There are times when people ask a musician at restaurants or another intimate setting of that kind to “Please sing it in the way I remember it.”  It is during such moments the person who makes the request needs the musician to place the memories of a special occasion, yes the essence of time into the song, so then he/she can feel it like it was just yesterday.  Marie Digby’s talented performances give you this gift to once more enjoy the fond memories from stages in your life and more.

It is a pleasure to share with you this music video Moon River classic by Marie Digby:

Moon River Cover by Marie Digby



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