Mind on the move— Oh this makes you Valuable

This makes you Valuable One way you can help a person you are interested in working with or building a strong relationship with is to inform him or her directly of something you know would help them.

Example: (chuckle) If a writer makes a big mistake on a document or code in his website. Or just may be unaware of someone else who has made changes to his/her papers or website.

Would you send a quick dm, text, or email letting him or her know clearly what the mistake is, and where it is located?

Just think how grateful that makes a person feel to have found a person like you. Why? Because your heart is shining

From my Mind to your Mind – James

Mind on the move

The Spotify Perceptive Readers Channel

Revisiting an Archived technology knowledge excerpt:

“Passwords: There are levels of sophistication that include social engineering and hacking attacks that prompts the majority of security experts to acknowledge that it is not impossible to infiltrate a system one way or the other, given enough stagnant (unchanging) opportunities or times. This is why a person should be ever vigilant with tier level security adjustments (changing) to be commensurate with the possible encountered threats.” – Why Strengthen Your Password.

This makes you Valuable, caring is sharing.