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It is a skilled occupation

Greetings Readers to this Mind on the move thought

Mind on the move-It is a skilled occupation

It is a nice skill that brings a smile.

FYI I am a writer and also have some audio books I am happy to tell others about. If; because I show a little talent in other areas, it makes you think I should pursue those skills and build them up as well, just know it is not my goal.

My fulfilled goal is what I am presently doing. I creatively write and help out socially here and there. All the other skills you think I show a potential in are secondary.

Now, it doesn’t mean that as I attain resources I won’t upgrade my equipment and software purchases for my improvement and learning; because I most certainly would do just that!

From my Mind to Your Mind

Have a wonderful day! – James

Revisiting an Archived technology knowledge excerpt:

“Passwords: There are levels of sophistication that include social engineering and hacking attacks that prompts the majority of security experts to acknowledge that it is not impossible to infiltrate a system one way or the other, given enough stagnant (unchanging) opportunities or times. This is why a person should be ever vigilant with tier level security adjustments (changing) to be commensurate with the possible encountered threats.” – Why Strengthen Your Password.

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