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Mind Heart A Sages Poetry

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

You just scratched the surface

With the questions like shovels is when the progress begins

How deep will you go
One to one pontificating is more than a show

I will remember what you need and often keep for a long while what you don’t

The active state is vibrant while imagining, creating and solving

The heart is my very best friend we are mates producing good things everyday to which there is no end

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

When I peer out into the universe what do I really see?
I must comprehend the reflection peering back at me

Keep digging with your questions and you find,
My archive capacity is infinitely larger than my size

My productions are unmatched by any other creation upon this wonderful earth.

The heart leaps with excitement by playing with the animals and enjoying the fruits.

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

Do you still ponder what I’m capable of; and the powers of imagination invested in me

Then today by taking a journey of the mind it will commence for thee

Pick up a paperback book from a library even that will build up your soul which involves the mind and heart

Ask Who What When Where and Why
Then meditate on the answers and observe how I am elevated beyond the sky

This is just the beginning for the journey of the mind will not end
Not as long as authentic heart stays my best friend

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

Author James Lynch Jr.

The Perceptive Readers

The above poem is also featured on the Perceptive Readers podcast! Here is the episode and link.

A Sages Poetry

Published the Autumn of October

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Mind Heart

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