Million Reasons

Million Reasons A Lady Gaga Cover by Marie Digby X Travis Atreo

A song Lady Gaga put her heart and emotions in no doubt. What does a song like this mean to you?

Marie Digby, the songstress of music and preciseness, is one who seems to analyze songs from four angles or four dimensions if you will? It takes an imaginative mind to do this with someone else’s songs. Someone else’s music which in effect is that talented, original writer’s child.

In this case: The Million Reasons A Lady Gaga Cover.

Have you seen Marie Digby do this time and time again?
We have enjoyed the completed work of her music covers, as well as her originals.

The reasons for Marie’s music appeal is looked at through both imagination and the creativity of bringing original songs that audiences want to hear.

No one will argue with you that the original artist of this song can sing. And all she may request of Marie is to sing the song in the spirit she sang it in because there is a pleading of the heart you sense.

Though I may be biased, because Marie is a regularly featured musician at the Product of Culture website, and I along with others support her music on Patreon.


Still, Marie and Travis Atreo did such a great job I think (hope) the original writer would be proud in a good way to see someone respecting her beautiful song. What about you?

Marie Digby: “It was such a fun and easy experience working with Travis! He has the most beautiful voice too. We hope you like our cover of Lady Gaga’s A Million Reasons.”

Million Reasons A Lady Gaga Cover By Marie Digby and Travis Atreo

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