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Messed up Masterpiece by Facing West

Messed Up Masterpiece – By Facing West

Messed up Masterpiece by Facing West

Mama Said It: ‘Messed up Masterpiece’ by Facing West

The girl band that is always on the move! With this dynamic view in mind, it is a pleasure to share another new original from Caitlin and Sidney of FACING WEST! There are additional comments following this unique song (Music video) from this special band! Here is ‘Messed Up MasterPiece.’

“Mama Said: Easy Come Easy Go”

Like in the heading, and quotes from the song, easy come, easy go is just one of the timely sayings wise mothers have said to their children, sometimes with a twinkle in their eye and sometimes with a sigh, to help them to know that things will be okay. And guess what? For the most part, the daughter or son found out they were able to move on from whatever the event happened to be. Sometimes it took a little more consoling and wise words from mama, but we made it through the trial. From dropped ice cream cones to catching a cold, to losing your first love, Mama was a couch of comfort. Yes, gentle words with plenty of hugs and kisses.
In this Facing West’s original, Messed Up MasterPiece, you hear the strength mothers infuse in their children to keep going. Mamas know their children. They just have a way of acknowledging your trials and very human weakness, while encouraging you to develop your strengths and budding personality. Facing West remembers these conversations and the essence effect of Mama’s words in the song and music video.

Kaila Made a Cover She just Loves!!

Kaila Eick states: “This is one of my top favorite songs right now its just amazing and I listen to it on replay:) go check them out there voices are awesome!!
Follow my social [email protected] Stargazing_27″

Nice job Kaila – Product of Culture

“Messed Up Masterpiece” Video Production FACTS

Facing West’s Official Facts for their awesome video!
Location: Nevada and the Neon Museum
Film Editing: Reilly Zamber: Fifgen Films
Music Production: David Spencer
Writers: Caitlin and Sidney Powell, David Spencer and Jona Sherwood
Video work: Dad
Inspiration, transportation and travel coordination: Mom


Caitlin and Sidney

Caitlin and Sidney New Music & KrueTV

Did you enjoy the Messed up Masterpiece song and music video?

Well, Caitlin and Sidney have more original tunes. Music to touch heartstrings with people possessing years of experience in the craft and life. Maybe you are one who has stated after hearing a Facing West song, “Yes, I’ve seen it” or “I went through that.”
You will notice the uptempo style at times they use to match the fervor and determination it takes to make Facing West FootNotesthrough the trials (storms and droughts) of life. It is their hope we all come out of such experiences with our respect for self and others still intact.

Facing West sings country, pop, with a mixture of their own personalized genre to perform in small to large venues.
Be sure to check out their new music.

If you are on KRUE TV, then, by all means, follow these two and make yourself at home by voting up their performances!

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