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Memorable Good and Agreeable Times

There are moments in a person’s life that stand out more than others. They become permanent memories without the use of a camera or writing them down in a journal.

The poem “Good Times” brings out moments that are sometimes overlooked, but when you really look at those moments in time you may find they are moments of contentment. Would you say contentment and happiness are uttered in the same breath? They go hand-in-hand.

An individual will also observe that good times require only a few things and YOU. The heart that desires to make others happy and accept happiness will enjoy GOOD TIMES.


For this point and time period in your life, where is your heart? Are your aspirations high? Aspirations in the sense that you believe in a sure hope for a better tomorrow! If this is your first time visiting this website, just type in the word “HOPE” in the top right search bar and you will receive further thoughts on aspirations that are not in vain.

Enjoy the Poem

Though the poem is like a tasty morsel, it may ajar upright and pleasurable moments of yesterdays in your life, as you enjoy the present and look forward to the future!

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