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Meiko’s Fresh Start—New Album

Meiko’s fresh start involves reflection on history that contributes to the unique folk and pop sounds of her new album. As you take a look at the background information here, it will be clear why this new album means so much to her.

Meiko’s New Record with a New Start

The timing for Meiko’s new record couldn’t be better for her! This sweet melody folk music  songwriter and singer express with a smile: “It’ll be my first TRULY independent album release since 2007.”

Recent Hapa Tours

Hapa is a word that originates from Hawaii to describe a mixed ethnic background. Being ¼ Japanese, Meiko thought up the idea for the Hapa tour.  She grew up often feeling “awkward” when people honed in on her outward appearances and asked, “What ARE you?”

You gather it wasn’t a nice way to approach Meiko or her sister because it left them feeling “weird” at times. She still makes it clear to people that the momentary confusion did not stop her from feeling proud of who she was as a person of mixed ethnicity.

Do you appreciate Meiko’s motive in thinking up this tour in a noble way to let children know they are not weird, nor are their parents, for being the offspring of mixed-ethnic backgrounds? Then add this to your reasons for being interested in this talented singer’s music.

Meiko and Marié Digby visited the following cities and venues to share their music with fans and new listeners alike: (List not exhaustive)

The Music Box – San Diego, CA       |     The Wayfarer – Costa Mesa, CA;

Saint Rocke – Hermosa Beach, CA  |  Evanston, IL

Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA | Sweetwater Music Hall – Mill Valley, CA

Wildwood Station Pavilion – Marshfield, WI   |  Cedar Cultural Center – Minneapolis, MN

Meiko’s New Record -What’s the 411 (Information)?

Meiko: “My first INDEPENDENT release since 2007! Pre-order & join me on this adventure!”

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Music aficionados and fans of Meiko have already started pre-ordering her new album! What a way to be a part of  Meiko’s Fresh Start.

I’m Happy to Hear This! Is There Additional Information?

You are fortunate; Meiko hoped you would make such a profound statement for more information! She has recently carried out a few interviews in addition to questions & answers sessions. For your viewing and reading pleasure, this section will provide some of her interesting and at times, unexpected responses in this link:

Meiko Interview with Min Lee Films

Meiko’s Name is Interwoven in her Songs

When Meiko’s parents named her, it makes me wonder if they were aware of the name linkage to beautiful, beloved, or a bud of a flower. Even if they are or not aware of the Japanese, Chinese, and additional cultural language name meanings, her music can guide you there. She has beautiful songs that touches the heart and mind in her music catalog.

One individual with admirable taste in music states of Meiko’s voice: It is “breathy and intimate.” In preparation for writing this article, I listened closely to her style in the way she sings. You may think of a conversation you have had with a person. Imagine Meiko giving you a listening ear with a high recall  of exactly what you told her; then she relates it back to you in such a way that you feel better as a result that someone understands. Party because of what you intimated to her and partly because she has lived it. This is not all. A thought for music lovers who have experienced urban or country life’s culture. Persons of this background will connect with her style according to my subjective thoughts on her music’s appeal.

Here is what we mean by Meiko’s “breathy and intimate” vocals producing a unique sound in her music creations.

Meiko – Said And Done

Meiko also merges her voice’s melody with electronic folk-pop, drum loops, acoustic guitars, keyboards.

Are YOU Fans of Acoustic Guitars?

The guitar is a worldwide popular instrument to play for the following reasons:

  • People can usually purchase one at a reasonable price.
  • It is often easier for the musically inclined beginners to learn the basics.
  • For advanced students and virtuoso, they can create folk, pop, and classical all from this instrument.

This provides you another reason to be interested in Meiko’s new music project. Meiko displays such natural talent with this instrument that whatever genre of music she plays it comes across as authentic—original. Now how important is this quality when mastering the folk genre of music with the guitar?  If you are a fan of the guitar, then you will want to check out Meiko’s music. If by chance you experience one of her songs without a guitar, you will still want to check out Meiko’s new album. Why? Because whether Meiko is using the electric or acoustic, her composing thoughts of music always starts with a guitar.

MEIKO | You’re Mine (The Chase)


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Meiko’s questions and answers pow-wow she had with pledgers and fans of her music.


Hope you have gained value from this look at Meiko’s Fresh Start- New Album and have a positive day! Take it away with Meiko’s Stuck on You!

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