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Now is a good time to talk about Meiko singing art through her written thoughts on each song in her new Moving Day album.

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MEIKO A Product of Culture Music Favorite

Before I share with you Meiko’s thoughts on her inspiration for several of the songs, there are a few thoughts of my own I would like to share with you as to why Meiko is a Product of Culture Music Favorite at this website.

How many thousands of people have you come into contact with in the past five years? By contact, in this case, I’m referencing having a meaningful exchange of thoughts. This is more than a brief hello or handshake. These few moments entails having a few minutes and longer to establish a positive, a so-so, or negative impression.  An artist’s music does the same thing, often in mere seconds.

When you listen to the singer’s original music list, the sounds that engage your mind will determine for a long time to come that “Hey! This artist is going to be in my CD (Now EP) collection for the next two or more releases. Long as the artist, singer, or songstress stays true to oneself, he/she will to a large extent keep the fan base of support for years to come; if not a lifetime. What will also be a point of confidence for the artist that stays true to oneself, is that the fan base will not only continue their support through a sense of loyalty but because they still enjoy his or her music!

True to oneself still involves learning and growing of course with their music, but also with this additional thought: The musician stays grounded and honest in life.

Meiko in some of her interviews has expressed what she has learned over the years and in areas of music and maturity. In the rest of the article, Meiko’s videos, lyrics, and thoughts behind each song are posted.

Keep this in mind; only the first few lyric lines are provided for each song. Feel free to click on the links that will take you to Meiko’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. There you can follow along with complete song lyrics. It will also give you the opportunity to subscribe to Meiko’s channel.

MEIKO Singing Art Expounded Upon

“Moving Day” Thoughts, Song Videos, and Lyrics List

Little Baby

Meiko – “Little Baby” is about being on tour. I wrote it a few years back while I was on The Hotel Cafe Tour. It was really fun, but I also felt very isolated (and I was drinking way too much).

Little baby
you’re on your way to the big time
hands down, tell everyone in town
that she’s coming to save us
I was left here with a bruise on my heart and it’s still
hard to talk about
I was left here in my blue Cavalier I was running
from the world
and I wanna get back
to the place we started
I wanna get back to the way we had it. Sing More

For The Road

Meiko – “I wrote part of “For The Road” about leaving Georgia, and didn’t finish it until I was leaving L.A. It’s about moving on to find your home, your niche and yourself.”

Daybreak, I’m already miles away
and there’s nothing left to say
Too many, too may debts to pay
and not enough faith o play
You see all I got is all I need
to get me where I’m going to
So take you one last look at me
and I’ll tell you all that I gotta do
All I got is all I need to get me where I gotta be
so this one’s for the love I leave
yeah this one’s for the road
I’ve given up
I’ve given up everything
to get away nice and clean Sing More


Hold On

Meiko- “This was written for a friend who I never actually played it for until very recently. He told me his life story, and it made me really sad. I wrote this song as a lullaby for him, but I end up singing it to myself when I’m feeling down.”

Whole Song
sometimes you can’t make up the stories that you tell
none will ever feel the way you feel
and I know it gets harder to look the other way
when everything comes crashing in you face
hold on
it’s gonna be a bumpy road tonight
hold on to me
I’m here to save you from the dark when you are scared
hold on to me
The world it gets colder, the older that you get
some will leave and some will have regret
and my mama, she told me to give it all you got
cause in the end you only get one shot
hold on
it’s gonna be a bumpy road tonight
hold on to me
I’m here to save you from the dark when you are scared
hold on to me

Perfect Fit

Meiko – “Perfect Fit” is about taking a chance when meeting someone, because that someone could end up being the love of your life!
I met my husband at SXSW in Austin when a friend of mine left me alone at a bar called “The Rusty Spur”. I spotted an attractive man at the other end of the room, and walked right up to him to ask him if he’d seen my friend. When he answered me in an English accent, I totally forgot about the friend I was looking for, and fell head over heals with this handsome stranger!

I knew when I met you we’d be a perfect fit
so I gathered my courage
tried to use every bit
I walked up to you there sitting at the top of the stairs
I made small conversation
hoping it would get me somewhere Sing More

Big City

Meiko- ‘“Big City” was written about being in a long-distance relationship. Being so in love that you’d only leave your house if that person was there to take you out. But because he’s not, you become anti-social and a blanket of missing feelings covers over you.’

Don’t forget that you love me
don’t forget that you do
and when you’re out there in the big city
I won’t forget about you Sing More

I Can’t Tell

Meiko- ‘I wrote “I Can’t Tell” about having a massive crush on my boss while I was working as a hostess at an Indian restaurant in Los Angeles. He would walk by and I would just melt. I wrote half of it back then, and never finished it until recently.’

When you walk in the room
you light it up
I can’t deny my love for you
taking deep breaths
I say to myself
that we’re all alone no one else will come around
and I can’t help it
I can’t help how I feel
and I can’t tell you
I can’t tell if it’s real Sing More

Pretty Easy

Meiko- I wrote “Pretty Easy” after leaving a recording session where the producer (NOT the producer of this album!) told me he wanted to take a percentage of my writing credit because he didn’t feel like he was being paid enough to work on my songs. I was floored after I learned this was a common practice in the music industry. I went home disheartened and wrote this song in about 20 minutes.

So it had to come to this
broken hearts and tainted lips
I could see it coming from a thousand miles away
love and let it go now baby I know everything
I want you to stay
so I can be the one who walks away Sing More

We All Fall Down

“We All Fall Down”, from the new Meiko album MOVING DAY.
A portion of proceeds from sales of this song will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society (

I know that you need me
I’ll be there this evening
I will being you flowers
We can talk for hours
Anything to make your mind take a breather
I would never leave here
Knowing that you need a friend
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down sometimes
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down
Life has a way of throwing us a challenge
I know every now and then you deserve to win
And the outcome may not be the right one
But it can’t be undone and I know where you’re coming from
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down sometimes
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down

With a little space and a little try
It won’t be erased but you’ll be fine
Take the things you hate and throw them all away
There’s more to this in life
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down sometimes
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down

Hold your breath and wish for something better
Hold your breath and wish for something better
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down sometimes
Hey, Hey, Hey we all fall down

Meiko Singing & Music Travels

Radio stations in some areas have played Meiko’s new music. Once coordinators and DJs give Meiko’s songs a listening ear for the first time, some emotionally feel the value of putting it into playing rotation.

“I DO” by Meiko has the makings of being associated with the biggest songs of culture for today and times past. Such songs often become a memory recall for specific reasons and the environment of the age. Well, “I DO” talks about love and even matrimony in its gold form; additionally, the positive aspects of true love are shown in the song.

Yes, Meiko Singing music travels not just by the different broadcast mediums; Meiko’s music travels with your mind and heart.


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