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Taking Medicine From Someone Who Cares for You

The child ran away to avoid taking the medicine! The babysitter could not catch little Lian as the child ran all over the house. Lian had a fever of 100 degrees.

But did this matter?

When mom finally made it back home from running her important errands there was the medicine bottle with the spoon sitting beside it on the table. The babysitter was thoroughly drained and out of breath from chasing Lian who was now hiding under the bed.

After the mother thanks her babysitter for trying to administer the medicine, the mother grabs the bottle and spoon as she walks into the room. She sits on the bed and taps her lap, “Lian lets take your medicine now.”

Lian crawls out from under the bed. The mother picks up Lian and places the child on her lap. The mother has no difficulty in gently administering the must needed medicine to Lian knowing the cure will take quickly.

Poor little Lian endured pain while the mother was gone. You would think the child would have taken the medicine to ease the misery of the fever no matter who it came from.

Do you know a “Lian” today?

Sometimes you can offer a person help but they will not accept it? Trust often plays a major part in a person’s decision on whether they will accept help. It does not matter if the fever like problem is 101 degrees; if a person’s trust has been misplaced time after time there will be only a few persons who will be able to reach that individual.

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Lian has implicit trust in the mother.


  • The mother gave birth to Lian
  • The mother shows her deep concern for the child time and time again
  • Without fear Lian knows the mother has no other motive but to sincerely help

The next time you run into a “Lian” look beyond why your help may have been rejected. Then try to apply a mother’s comforting love and understanding to the one in need of help.

As you try to help others, be sure to accept the help others will offer to you. It may be just a door knock away.

Photography Arvind Balaraman

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