Meadowlark Paraffin – Age and Discovery

Kate McGill of Meadowlark Paraffin – Age and Discovery

1 to 5 years of age; you may not remember much at all. A memory or two.

6 to 10 years of age; where were you on such and such date? Still kind of hazy at times but, at least, you remember the happy and sad feelings. Let’s just focus on the happy for this article, okay?

11 to 15 years of age; Ahh yes, the age of discovery for you. You were alive, and you knew it! And you started to make sure your parents and everyone else around you knew it too. (Smile)

16 to 19 maybe 20 years of age; let’s bypass the years of madness for some of us. Okay?

21 years of age and above; for sure with learning, traveling, observations and deep meditations your lifetime of discovery may have really just started to break ground in some way. Even bear fruitage.— So it goes with Kate McGill with Meadowlark Paraffin!

Meadowlark Paraffin

Kate McGill released her new single “Paraffin” during the month of March 2016.
The music and tone remind me of a certain time period. You know; according to some of you, back in the day before sequoia trees. During that time, I often enjoyed smooth and meditative type sounds that enabled me to jog long distances or enjoy walks in the park with my faithful and protective Chow Chow.
However, here is the difference, Kate McGill sings with these smooth sailing sounds, and she can sing! So much so, she received an endorsement from Kina Grannis (singer/songwriter). See the message Kina Grannis tweeted to her over 165,000 Twitter interested followers.

Clearly Kate McGill is taking her music to a level that will provide an experience that her longtime fans can say, “I didn’t know she had grown so much in her style and grace in music.”
Right now, we will just have to wait and see. One thing that is possible, her new EP will have a song or two on it that will either cause you to remember your age of discovery or start your journey to having one.

Giving Kate McGill Song “Paraffin” some love.

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Pre-order the Paraffin EP and receive ‘Paraffin’ instantly:
‘Paraffin’ is the follow up to Meadowlark’s 2015 released ‘Dual’ EP which was produced by Ant West of Oh Wonder and has now amassed over 4 million Spotify streams. Lead single ‘Eyes Wide’ achieved a coveted slot on Radio 1’s BBC Introducing Playlist, adding to 6 Music and Radio X support the band have already received.


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