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Meadowlark Announces Debut Album Titled Postcards

Meadowlark Announces Debut Album Titled Postcards

Please allow me the pleasure of relating this writer’s words, in which I wholeheartedly agree with, from themostradicallist’s article featuring Kate McGill and Dan Broadley of Meadowlark!
Music enthusiasts feel the Bristol duo Meadowlark have become well known for their sweeping, melodious tracks with subtle touches of electronica. Our personal favourites have been ‘Paraffin’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Headlights’. The pair have consistently been releasing these beautiful singles.

Meadowlark Announces Debut Album

Do you agree with themostradicalist and the rest of their on-line feature about Meadowlark?

Meadowlark – Postcards

Large audiences certainly do. They are a musician’s team made for one another. There are songs Kate sings that protrudes experiences that are difficult to overcome, and yet she keeps the balance in a variety of songs to also show the positive outcome in some of these experiences.

The band is an acquired fine wine of music. There are some days; evenings may be particular, you just want to sit back with a glass of aging wine beyond four years. Meadowlark is a glass filled with the musician’s flavorful quality that hits the ears tasting center just right.

Here is a link Paraffin, however, I am also pleased to share the full Headlights music video with you below.

Meadowlark – Headlights (One Take Video)

Meadowlark Announces Debut Album Titled Postcards

Did you enjoy that glass of pure Meadowlark? Would You like to know more about Kate McGill and Dan Broadley’s project to produce an excellent bottle, if you will, called Postcards?

Meadowlark - Postcards

Connecting to Meadowlark’s debut album and websites!

Meadowlark Announces Debut Album -ordering albums & tours

Available on June 30, 2017 the Postcards Album
Pre-order Postcards: Meadowlark.lnk.to/PostcardsSo
Tour dates: meadowlark.lnk.to/live
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/meadowlarkofficial

In closing, if you appreciate Meadowlark Announces Debut Album Titled Postcards, by all means share it with others. In the meantime, get you at least one glass of Meadowlark’s finest, while I enjoy my Meadowlark’s personal stock. Have a nice time.

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