Marie Digby Sings One Fine Day

Marié Digby continues to sing classics to a new generation of eager listeners. “One Fine Day” is now available to the public. Enjoy!

Marié Digby:

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Marie Digby Sings One Fine Day

Marié Digby, over the years, has additional music albums and music videos you will agree to be top of the line creative productions. Just by using the search feature here at the Product of Culture website you will access a list of articles highlighting them.

You also have the Colors in Music – Musicians Page where music videos, interviews and documentaries are regularly updated. Marié is one of the main songstresses often featured. Take a look around. – Product of Culture

Moon River A Classic for you when sang by Marié Digby

A Product of Culture poem that has been featured with Marie’s articles here.

Love Renewed

Love Renewed
Your Love is a Renewing Force that will always be appreciated.
Your Love is the Rain that quenched the desert that was once my heart.
Time in the Paradise that went barren, now time in the barren became an Exquisite Tropical Land to last forever.
What is the Foundation?
Your ever Renewing Love
Happy Wedding Day and Anniversary! – J.L.

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