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Marié Digby Sings New Sounds—Thunderclap Share It!

Marié Digby Sings New Sounds—Thunderclap Share It!

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Did your memory recall say “What? Marié sang that music cover? “Or “I knew the girl could sing the sweetest and sultry of tunes with those pipes of hers, but the wealth of experience is something new, yet even now more evident to me!”

Music entails facets of the mind, heart, and soul; if you will, that when nurtured; it touches the mind, heart, and soul not only the creator of the song; but also the listener(s).

All the same, you are certainly welcome to read more articles; in addition to enjoying more of Marié Digby’s (another talent) canvas art and music art.

Marié Digby Sings New Sounds

Focusing on the music, here is an exciting announcement Marié has made about new music. Would you like to help her get the word out? Then please; read on, read on.

New Single By Marié Digby  “Outside Our Heads” (Thunderclap Event!)

Thunderclap official announcement from Marié Digby

“Hey guys!

I’m releasing a new single called “Outside Our Heads” on Sept. 8 and I’m REALLY excited for you to hear it! I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one, and I’m super-proud of how it turned out =) I’m releasing it independently – so that means I don’t have a record label to help with promoting or marketing to get word out…

So – I’m using this new platform, Thunderclap, to gather up Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr mentions from friends in advance, so they all simultaneously get Tweeted and Posted at the same time on Sept. 8 – it’ll help make a big impact for my first day of release!

All you need to do is click on the red “Support with Facebook“, “Support with Twitter” or “Support with Tumblr” buttons above (or if you’re on your phone, the red SUPPORT button at the bottom of this message), and Thunderclap will send out that message in blue at the very top of the page on whichever of your accounts you chose (they’ll only send it out as a ONE-time post on Sept. 8 at 9:30am PDT).

Easy, right? I need at least 100 people to agree to do this in order for them to send out the blast, so I hope you’ll help!

These are the kinds of new and exciting tools that an independent artist can use without the help of a record label and I’m so grateful that they exist!

Thank you in advance – really excited to get this song out into the world and your help means so much!!

Lots of love xo


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Marié Digby Sings New Sounds—Thunderclap Share It!



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