Marie Digby Premiers Jet Streams

Here is the anticipated official video, Marié Digby Premiers Jet Streams.
The official music video from the Wild Fire EP has arrived with Marie’s smooth sounds and style.

Jet Streams Production Credits
Song produced by Rodrigo Crespo
Music video directed by Mariano Dawidson
Hermanos Dawidson Films

The conscious and maybe the subconscious mind pictures high winds flowing through both hemispheres. North and South winds meeting with power and force; and yet, it seems almost like they balance one another; yes, even need each other. Excuse me; I switched into poetic mode due to the Jet Streams song’s effect. Such is the ability of Marie, this songstress of music and preciseness, to sweep you away with her music to a Shakespearean frame of mind. But note, there is a surprise for you in the video that allows you to see the harmony of another form of Jet Streams.

With the afore knowledge presented, it is the Product of Culture Website pleasure to feature this official original music video from Marié Christina Digby!

Marié Digby Premiers Jet streams

Staying in Contact With Marié Digby’s  Art

Oh, wait until you take a look at Marié’s Patreon Site!


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