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Marie Digby Just Like Heaven

The Cure Just Like Heaven. A Marie Digby Favorite.
The above words are good to know for the millions of you who know every single word to the song ‘Just Like Heaven.’

No, the over two decades plus have not erased this tune from your mind. You may still be singing it to that special someone.

For the new ears to this melody, you now have Marié Digby’s rendition of the song. Don’t you just love the way she plays the piano? Then you will most likely also agree with this statement:

‘Marie’s voice and composition give people such a kindred association with words and memories…’ -Marié Digby’s Singing Quality-2000 Video Viewers can help so much! Part 3

After you listen to Just Like Heaven by The Cure a Marié Digby cover, there are additional helpful links like Marié Digby’s Patreon page.  These channels about Marié provide ways for you to stay up to date and even support her creation of beautiful music.

The Cure Just Like Heaven. A Marie Digby Cover
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    Hope you enjoyed The Cure Just Like Heaven A Marie Digby Favorite. Have a nice day
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