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Madilyn Bailey Presents Survive in Freestyle Dance and Lyrics

Madilyn Bailey Presents Survive in Freestyle Dance, lyrics, and a rose.

I have stated and will continue to do so when it comes to Madilyn Bailey’s music; “Each person possesses abilities that as such abilities are skillfully developed, then the wielder (owner) of the ability and onlookers come to view it as a gift.”
For more than five years, Madilyn has been singing and learning the music business. She has relied a lot on her instincts over the years. She is determined she is driven. Madilyn feels she has to be and here is one of the reasons why.  Are you aware that Madilyn Bailey is dyslexic? Just because Madilyn has to contend with dyslexia (difficulty in learning to read or interpret words), it does not hamper her intelligence or imagination.

In fact, this songstress has explained, “I started seeing all the benefits. Because I’m always problem-solving, trying to come up with new creative ways to solve a problem, I feel it has helped me tremendously with being a creative person.”

She is presently promoting her latest “Wiser EP” through videos and performance shows. You experience Madilyn’s voice and imagination through sharp colors and flowing movements. Depending on the song, and Madilyn’s contemplative thoughts of that day, the powerful tones of her voice and video will grab your attention. She is one to try something different at times by focused observation, and then relates her instinctive view of life’s trials and drama.

Madilyn Bailey Presents Survive in Freestyle Dance through Autumn Miller

Whether you have ever taken the recreational time to attend an urban dance event, ballet, a modern dance concert or not; you often have the opportunity to experience several forms of dance through freestyle performances. The dancer emotionally immerses herself/himself in the music. Depending on the genre, movements may be sharp and pirouette. While at other times; slow and with the wind of gracefulness.

Madilyn desires for us to flow with Autumn Miller in her performance of the hit song “Survive” (video views over 530,000!!)


Madilyn Bailey Presents Survive in Freestyle Dance Production Contacts

Autumn Miller’s Dance Location

Would you like for Autumn Miller to tell your song’s story through dance?
Look Here!


Madilyn Bailey’s Channels of Music!

1. https://www.youtube.com/user/MadilynBailey

2. https://www.facebook.com/Maddybailey

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