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Mad World The Jasmine Thompson Interpretation

Welcome to the Jasmine Thompson Interpretation , an article you will enjoy the music and learn something new through the commentary.

Jasmine Thompson Interpretation of Mad World

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Now on to the feature article:

Jasmine Thompson Interpretation of Mad World

Jasmine Thompson, even at this beginning quarter, soon to be 18, of her life, emotionally understands what she is singing. Miss Thompson’s music catalog involves the essence of her sensitive personality to the needs of not solely self, but also others. Which we know is an important goal for recording artists.

This is evident in her remake of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.”
Let me tell you today, about back in the day, when Tears for Fears came out with the song “Shout” in the early 1980s there was an awakening and turning point for quite a few people, teenagers and adults included.

Jasmine Thompson Interpretation of Mad World – On Point

Tears for Fears struck a chord, if you will, then with such songs as Shout, and the one Jasmine Thompson produced a rendition and video for in Mad World.

In the featured video below, do you get the sense of the song? Listen to Jasmine’s intuitive voice and watch the video. She guides you right along the trip.

Jasmine Gave an Exclusive to Melty

Follow this link to an interview (French) with Jasmine Thompson. It is called

Jasmine Thompson : Ses projets, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber… Elle se confie et dévoile le clip Mad World (EXCLU)

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