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Listening With Coffee provides ideas and reasons people enjoy the Product of Culture website. Yes, why there is something special being posted on Social Networks as well. What is new today?

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Footnotes: “Harp of Pleasantries Section 1” Manuscript
I hope the start of the new series I talked about here:

Will give you a form of reading or listening recreation for the mind.

If you are interested, check out the sections talking about this series further in the articles and Perceptive Readers Podcast.

See The Following:
A) Hi Perceptive Readers, I will release the next video & reading when this hits my goal of more than a thousand views!

The Harp of Pleasantries Section 1 Creative Writing The and Pocbooks.Crypto Manuscript Phase

It Beginsā€¦ You can also read it here http://draftwriting.local/1-harp-of-pleasantries/ Have a great day.

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