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Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts with Sophomore Album!

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The following similar expressions of music experience have been made by me and many others about Lisa Lavie:

“When someone describes their work as a labor of love, they often display passion throughout the process and not just the work project’s result. People who gain a benefit from the workman/workwoman efforts will nod, “An excellent job, indeed!”
The aforementioned is the way audiences around the globe will feel about Lisa Lavie’s sophomore album! Lisa is a native of Montreal, Canada. I could write about Lisa’s YouTube stardom and many collaborations with other YouTube artists. I could also write about her tours with Yanni and globally-renowned orchestras.”
R & B Album Sales – Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts

Take a look now at what the Billboard Charts shows about Lisa’s music to the ears of listeners.

“Lisa Lavie: ‘My album has debuted at #25 on the Billboard charts after only 3 days of sales!… I’m blown away! Thank you for spreading the word about my music & for sharing the link to my ALBUM on your social media pages. YOU are the ones making this possible for me!!! I never expected my album to chart on billboard and now that it has, I see the possibilities & It’s given me a renewed sense of motivation and determination. I’m more inspired and focused than ever before & I’m pumped to try & get back on the charts next week. I would LOVE your help in getting there…..
If you haven’t checked out my album yet, please (CLICK HERE) & you’ll be able to hear pieces of all of my songs. You can also get a physical copy here —> (CLICK HERE) ‘
Lisa Lavie is ecstatic! Look at All the Signed CDs!”

Lisa is grateful for all the support and best wishes. Just look how many CD’s she signed below for fans who were able to show their appreciation for Lisa’s musical project through Kickstarter. (You either have to be very happy, or on your 5th cup of coffee!) Lisa strives to do positive things evey day along with a healthy diet, so we know she doesn’t really need coffee (More for me).

Here are more thoughts from Lisa on sending out these items with gratitude:

“Yesterday I went to the CD manufacturer & I signed all of the CD’s! They are now ready to be shipped out alongside the hoodies! I’ve been waiting so long for this weekend to arrive! :)) Today & tomorrow I’ll be packing up a couple thousand packages and then I’ll be heading to the post office to ship everything off to you first thing Monday morning. I can’t wait!!! I do have a few signed copies left, if you’re interested in getting a CD from the first batch.”

QUESTION: There are 2000 Cd’s on this table… How long do you think it took me to sign all of them? Please head over to this post on facebook & leave your answer there. I will ship off a CD to the person who comes closest

Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts – 2000 Signed CDs
Lisa Lavie Arrives on The Billboard Charts with Sophomore Album – What are You Waiting For?

I’ve been patiently waiting for the time to make this statement about Lisa Lavie’s sophomore album! “What are you waiting for?” If you enjoy music, there is a song on this album that will attract you to Lisa’s voice for now and in the future. Do your ears and heart a favor; don’t wait another moment to at least sample her music!

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