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From the archives of August 3, 2014 Linux the Unrecognized Backbone of the Internet

Linux is the unseen backbone of the Internet

This is one of those posts to inform the younger generation that Linux really does run everything. I was actually thinking the other day about the differences between Windows and Linux. The RAM\Memory differences are a point of note for one. Linux runs Supercomputers, social networking sites, TVs, and phones all with a smaller percentage of RAM it takes for a full equipped Windows Server. This post is not to bash Microsoft Windows at all, I’m far too grateful for one of their server capabilities over the years to do that.

This post is just to show the necessity of being familiar with Linux all the same. You see, Linux is the factory of the Internet, while Windows allows us to look inside and make requests of the factory, so to speak. Just kidding, you are aware Windows does more than that. However, in the instance of phones, the number of Linux type OS phones will exponentially approach a billion. By the end of this post, they probably have.

Either way, here is a list of terms you want to become familiar with as you seek out to learn Linux.

Kernel | Command line

X Windows system | Desktop environment


As you go through the steps to learn what each component is for, it gives you the ability to configure and create a Linux stable environment.

If you are one the individuals that started with Linux first, you know these things, but have you ever viewed the operating system in these components above. Experienced Linux user, most likely; younger ones, maybe not.

As you gathered from the title, Linux the Unrecognized Backbone of the Internet; it is titled as such because often people do not know just how many systems Linux is powering on the Internet.  The OS is free, it’s quiet, but make no mistake about it, it is powerful tool.

Hope this helps in some way.

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