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Lindsey Stirling The Violin The Dance The Stars

This is a special featured Lindsey Stirling article on the Product of Culture website.

Lindsey Stirling The Violin The Dance The Stars

CONGRATS to Lindsey & Mark  on their awesome showing on the Dancing With the Stars 25th season!

Lindsey Stirling and the Violin ONENESS reflects Imagination and Dance.

She continues to enthrall the world’s stage by displaying learned and natural skills with a violin in hand.
As they become one, Lindsey and violin will share with you a world of imagination in music and dance that makes you feel as good as if you went to a dance party or an extravagant theatrical show!

Lindsey Dancing With The Stars

“Lindsey Stirling is one of the biggest artist development breakthrough stories in recent years.” -abc.go.com

Lindsey does so much, and if you check social media, all hours throughout the day, you may wonder when she sleeps? This is when I like to interject the humorous answer, “She doesn’t.”

However, with all seriousness and due props, Lindsey Stirling has been working hard for years at her masterful sounding musician skills with dance!

Though I was surprised she partnered with Pro Mark Ballas (Emmy-nominated choreographer, actor, and musician.) to enter the Dancing with the Stars contest, I am not surprised she entered.– How’s that for an oxymoron?

Here is the point. Lindsey has been performing, touring, and writing new music! Yet, Lindsey and Mark are up to the assignment of being on dancing’s imagination television show of the century, Dancing with the Stars. Tell me right now, how many of you have said, “WOW” after their performances? Then be sure to vote up to 11 times for them.

Superb Showings on Dancing With The Stars

Lindsey in “Mirage”

The Perceptive Readers on this website often appreciate when the writer states, ” Enuff said” about a person, event, or music video, they feel it is in their best interest or enjoyment to just open their eyes, heart, and mind to what is presented next. Lindsey and Mark, we wish you the best in all your endeavors. Here now is the musician and violin playing as ONE, Lindsey Stirling, in “Mirage!” Enuff Said

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