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Lifeline — Original Music By Facing West

Lifeline — Original Music By Facing West

This new song by Facing West gives the listener another range of tones from them.  Sydney and Caitlin have in their catalog beautiful ballads. You couple their songwriting, singing voices, and video backdrops together and the result is always an official beautiful production. Facing West has once again produced exquisite sounds and for us in this original called Lifeline.

Original Music By Facing West


Facing West Lifeline Video Information

Filmed by us, edited by us and produced with JonBonus
FinalCut PRO, Sony a7ii + Canon d70 and Gear Glide
Mixed & Mastered Side3 Studios

Have you heard Evermore?

Now that you have heard Lifeline, when you get the chance, take the opportunity to go and listen to another favorite; the song Evermore. Here is the link to the official video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_GH0SgbhH4

Facing West

PATREON (Facing West’s musical art page supported by fans)

If this is your first time enjoying this dynamic band’s music, by all means, share what you heard and saw with a friend.

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