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Ladies and Gentlemen Why Are You So Bored? Ages 13 to 19

You are out of school on summer break. And as a teenager out of school, you are going to have some fun! “I deserve it right?” Yes, you do deserve some recreation. All work and no play is no way to enjoy life. Especially when you are out on summer break.

Silhouette of Teenagers

However, do you find that you are constantly bored? Why is this so? In listening to what some teenagers share, the next big activity pertains to a party or sports. Once the event is over, they immediately plan for the next big social gathering. When there is not one to be found then boredom sets in. You may have observed that this is when the desire to sleep comes because there is “nothing for me to do.”

Is there really nothing for you to do? Boredom is linked with your interests. When you have enough worthwhile interests to occupy your time boredom will be rare. There is a time for everything. Having a balance between work, play and self-improvement will keep you busy. This chart can help you gauge where your time is spent. Observe this sample chart, in particular the “REST” category with your funny bone. You can add more (sub) categories and place 1 to 10 Priority rankings.

WORK House Chores- School Occupation PRIORITY5 TIME SPENT29%
PLAY Parties -hobbies -Social Events PRIORITY10 TIME SPENT50%
SELF IMPROVEMENT Exercise-Spirituality Questions Answered-Helping Others PRIORITY 8 TIME SPENT30%
REST Sleeping Horizontally PRIORITY2 TIME SPENT1%

Be sure to set aside time for adequate rest. Some may feel that they work and play fine on a limited amount of sleep. Hmm, you may get things done while building up a sleep deficit, but just think how much more quality you can add to your interests with the proper amount of rest. Think of how much better you feel while you are engaged in doing them. A sleep deficit will cause you to fall asleep in a variety of places including the movie theaters. You may not even need a comfortable chair for slumber to overtake you.

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Time is a valuable thing. We can choose to waste it, be bored with it, or make the most of it. The beneficial advisement has to do with having worthwhile interests to keep your mind occupied in between rest cycles and remembering there is a time for everything. Ecclesiastes chapter 3: 1 thru 9 Reference from the Holy (Bible) Scriptures for additional thoughts.