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Kina Grannis Single By 30 News & Musicians At Their Best

Greetings Readers,

This is to inform you of the latest and greatest Kina Grannis news because as you know, the Product of Culture (POCbooks) website has kept you abreast of Kina Grannis events, albums, and sometimes life events.

Though the author of this website may not be a “Kinerd,” per se, his reports and writings are produced as a “labor of love.”

Here is the New, NEWS on Kina Grannis.

Kina Grannis Single By 30 & Trailers

August 24, 2016 Single By 30 on YouTube Red

Wong FU: “Single By 30” is a romantic drama that anyone who’s been through the wild ride of their 20s can relate to. Motivated by an innocent pact in high school to be each other’s backup plans, Peter and Joanna explore modern dating and relationships. Of course falling in love is far more complicated than we thought in high school, but hey, we also thought 30 was SO far away.

YouTube Red 30-day free trial!

If you don’t have YouTube Red in your country, you can visit the link below for information on how to get the show!




Product of Culture Musicians At Their Best Kina Grannis

There is one more announcement! A new kindle/ebook on Kina Grannis to be released August 23, 2016, by the author of this website! There will be many ways you can not only read this book, but you can also request (limited) ONE free download ONLY from the Product of Culture website POCbooks.com!  (Note: Kina Grannis will continue to have free code access for downloads even though I will eventually stop passing them out.) This book will also be available on Amazon Prime Library where you can read it free there. Or you can just outright purchase it at the affordable price.

Perceptive Readers Culture:  Throwback Thursday Presents Down and Gone By Kina Grannis


Check out the new Single by 30 series, hope you will also the new kindle /ebook available August 23, 2016 and have a great day!







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