Enjoy Kina Grannis OurVinyl Sessions

Though you came to read about Kina Grannis OurVinyl sessions, please also keep this point of news in mind.  After a year of listening to Kina Grannis’ “Elements” album, you will find it just as fresh as the first time you heard it. For references of her tours,  you can locate the dates and times  at the official website.


Kina Grannis OurVinyl Sessions

It just seems fitting she would now perform a session with OurVinyl.

“OurVinyl films live performances with both emerging and established musicians. We do our best to push the production envelope by filming artists in unique settings to compliment their music.”

Here are the songs featured in the Kina Grannis’ OurVinyl Sessions playlist.

But first, meet the members of her band and albums to date.

Jesse Epstein (Husband)- Guitar + Vocals
Darla Hawn – Percussion + Vocals
Jon Titterington – Keyboard + Vocals

Her Albums to date

1. Elements- Released May 6, 2014

2. Stairwells – Released February 23, 2010

3. In Memory of the Singing Bridge- Released  2006

4. One More in The Attic- Released 2006

5.  Sincerely, Me- Released 2005

Now presenting the Kina Grannis OurVinyl Sessions

1) Dear River  2) Oh Father  3) Little Worrier



We wish Kina Grannis and her band safe travels and performances in their journeys!

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