Kina Grannis and Nataly Dawn Cover Hits!

Kina Grannis and Nataly Dawn Cover Hits! Wonderwall-Oasis

Kina Grannis and Nataly Dawn make a songstress team of imaginative potential.  When Kina and Nataly work together, you see that sophistication quality you have read about at this website in full effect!

The vocals of these two are pleasant to the ears. Do you collect music? Whenever these two work together, your ears will thank you for including their music covers of pop culture!

Kina Grannis and Nataly Dawn Cover Hits!

Wonderwall (Oasis)

The hit “Wonderwall”was originally performed by Oasis 0ver two decades ago is REVIVED in the year 2016 by Kina Grannis and Nataly Dawn!

Though it is still very much popular in the original form, when singers like Kina and Nataly do what we call justice to an artist’s work like this, it potentially brings life back into it even decades later.

Presented to you now:

Nataly Dawn & Kina Grannis 411

Kina Grannis:

“Go send Nataly some love!

AH Nataly is so much fun to work with! I have such a huge amount of love and respect and admiration for her. She is so darn talented it’s crazy. Hope you enjoyed us getting a little silly and 80s inspired for this video 😉

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Video shot and edited by Ricky Chavez

Special thanks to Blue Dream Studios for letting us use your awesome space!


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