KHS COLLABORATION Presents Madilyn Bailey

KHS COLLABORATION Presents Madilyn Bailey

Kurt the Producer presents this collaboration with YouTube sensation Madilyn Bailey!

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider (KHS) is a man with skills used in the music and entertainment industry.

He plays quite a number of instruments that I can’t even name them all. When he plays the piano, I wonder what Mozart would think of him, along with many of the global music composers today?

Madilyn Bailey (Songstress and entertainer) “loves” when Kurt (KHS) invites her to sing on his Kurt’s Cover Music. Here at the Product of Culture website we reference such well-produced music performances team-ups as KHS COLLABORATIONS! (I’m sure Kurt does not mind what we call him in the positive, long as we don’t all him late for dinner!)

Without further ado, travel on to video section and enjoy these two selected videos:

KHS COLLABORATION Presents Madilyn Bailey

I HATE U, I LOVE U – Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, KRNFX, KHS COVER

LOVE ME NOW – John Legend – Madilyn Bailey, Blake Rose, KHS Cover


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