Kate McGill Dive Deeper with Marie Digby

Dear Readers, we are going to Dive Deeper in this article 🙂

Kate McGill Dive Deeper with Marie Digby

Dear Perceptive Readers, and today, we will say listeners

Can we talk?

Kate McGill of Meadowlark has seen enough in the YouTube music era to express her experience. In other words, she hits the nail right on the head with questions she asks you; and when answers come forth openly.

Kate has over the years talked with hundreds, if not thousands of people.

What happens when you talk to that many people? It reinforces in your mind that people have the same basic needs physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually

What do you think?

How do you feel about it?

Kate chats with Marie Digby

Kate gives a nice overview on Marie Digby’s song writing and music achievements.

My guest today is none other than Marié Digby! I remember stumbling across her cover of Umbrella by Rihanna when I was 17 years old. That’s a long time ago, team. I couldn’t get over the insane talent and beauty she has – and I still can’t, to be honest. Knowing her now and as a friend as well is just a huge treat. She has over 133 MILLION video views on YouTube and to this day makes the most wonderful music

Someone Cares

You will find that Marie discussed several moments about her life on Kate McGill Dive Deeper podcast. @wedivedeeper We Dive Deeper

I do not want to spoil your enjoyment of hearing the discussion with your ears by me telling you a play by play about it.

What I would like to say, if I may, is YOU are not alone.

If you are one of the ones singled out by a circle or group for practical jokes and down right ostracized at times, don’t you give up!

Though it may not feel like it, you most likely have something pretty neat about yourself that causes others to use the hurtful tactics of the rhythmic circular group think to effect your life and personality. Pay close attention to what Marie Digby’s expressed.

Don’t give up on life or that one day matters work themselves out.

A man named James told a couple of men recently that “good” will conquer evil and win in the end for all people who sincerely wish this to be so.

Man number 1 states: “I don’t know because ‘good’ is getting its a_ _ kicked by evil!”

Man number 2 said: “Yea, ‘evil’ just did a couple of elbow drops.”

A day later.

James said: “Yesterday, you said ‘good’ is getting its “A” kicked.

Well, good just said to evil ‘I’m about to give you an ‘A’ whupping you are not going to get up from.”

And so the analogy goes, whether such personalities mature on their own, or Karma (reap what they sow) will eventually step in the ring.

Don’t give up on yourself or doing good. Karma (The Almighty) also rewards such actions.

You Perceptive Readers will most likely appreciate this chat just as much as this Author did.

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Kate McGill Dive Deeper with Marie Digby

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