Julies Journey Begins

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Julie’s Journey Began

“Mrs. Kramer told me to ‘Write your own history.’ ” Whatever that meant; Julie thought.
Julie sat up in bed and wrapped the blankets around her shoulders and neck.

She then saw her best friend out in the chill of the room sitting in the rocking chair.
“Treebear there you are,” Julie’s smile was just as bright, as when she was 5 years old.”

Quickly Jumping out of bed, Julie went over and picked up Treebear and gave him a big hug.

Then she rushed back to her cozy covers with Treebear.
Treebear, what did Mrs. Kramer mean by ‘Write my own history.’ ?

“You don’t know either Treebear?” I was hoping you would.

“Are you hungry Treebear?” Julie’s stomach made a slight murmur. “Yeah, me too”

At that moment, Julie’s Mom cracked open the door to the room as she peeked inside, “I thought I heard a conversation going on in here.”
“Mom, Treebear says he is hungry.”
“Well,” Julie’s Mom opens the door wider and proceeds right over to Julie with her hands and arms stretched out.
“Here you go Mom,” lifting Treebear shoulder length into the air.
“How about I hug both you.” As Julie’s Mom wrapped her arms around both of them.
Julie felt a sunlight bursting of love from her mother’s bearhugs in the morning.

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