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Julien Miquel Wine Expert and Maker

Tasting with Julien Miquel the Wine Expert and Maker

Meet Julien Miquel the Wine Expert and  taster. In a couple of checkouts desks events, I’ve mentioned the following:

Wine Reviews with the Experts

The world is filled with wine. Some are aged for eons (okay, not that long) of years to enhance the flavor and quality of cost. These are often the ones for special occasions and vacations. At least, for some of us. Either way, with wine stewards, it can be a neat conversational piece informing us of ingredients and texture we have no clue about.

With the above in mind, you will find Julien possesses the knowledge and application of it that we recognize in experts.

I’ve learned interesting talking points from Julien’s videos and I think you will too; if you fancy this type of knowledge before setting up some of your weddings, parties, etc. Julien will sometimes cause you to laugh, if at the very least, smile when watching some of his Youtube Channel Presentations.

3 Reasons to choose Julien’s Youtube Wine Channel

Here it is from Julien’s own words on the value of his wine channel and website!

Julien: So who the heck is Julien Miquel, and why does he makes different video series on this YouTube channel?

1- The Tasting Wine with Julien daily series

we explore and exchange about grapes, regions, news, wine styles and types and more. Check out the #TWWJ series.

2- Tasting with Julien series

where he reviews and discuss specific wines from specific wineries so we go deeper into what makes a wine and a maker unique, its terroir and ways of crafting a cuvée. Check out the #TWJ series:

3- Wine travel & Experiences

Follow along and witness wine travel experiences as I visit wine places, sharing and explaining the experience. They are some of his favorite wine travel videos

Julien Miquel Wine Expert and Maker II

4 Wine Expert Videos By Julien Miquel

I have more favorites than the ones I am about to present to you. I took into consideration the Perceptive Readers & Podcast Listeners when picking these choices.
Here are four video selections you will appreciate seeing the wine and insight flavor of choices Julien provides for his audience.

  • #granapadano Opening 80Lb Cheese Wheel in Italy
  • Youtube & Wine Question to Gary Vaynerchuk  #ASKGARYVEE
  • #tastingwithjulien #hennessy #cognac How To Serve Cognac? Hennessy Expert Explains While Tasting VS, XO & Paradis
  • #tastingwithjulien #twwj #wine
    1855 Classification Bordeaux Wine How, Why, What Now?

Julien Miquel Wine Expert and Maker III

Showcase Wine Review By Julien Miquel
Julien Miquel’s Credentials
Winemaker, Blogger, #YouTuber. Founder of 2015 Best New Wine Blog SocialVignerons.com


Hope you enjoyed this fine cultural wine presentation experience with Julien Miquel Wine Expert and Maker.

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