Jasmine Thompson Smile of Wonder 1 to 4

Jasmine Thompson Smile of Wonder Parts 1-4


As many who are aware, Jasmine Thompson has the new COLOUR EP out. (April 5, 2019)

Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed listening to her “Wonderland” EP, and will continue in the future. Yet, over the past year, I have completed my commentaries and extended thoughts on the Wonderland EP. A lot has been expressed by this author on the album as you regular readers know.

Now to complete the history of Jasmine Thompson’s Wonderland album for this website, I have made the videos Jasmine Thompson Smile Parts 1-4 to encapsulate valuable moments and article meanings at the Product of Culture (pocbooks.com) website!

I take my hat off to Jasmine, her official fan club, and managers for making and supporting such a special album in “Wonderland.”


Jasmine Thompson Smile of Wonder

I’m thankful for you visiting and sharing this website with your family and friends! Hope you enjoy the following videos. You may have to pause them from time to time to read all the accounts.

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My name is James Lynch Jr. I am an author, writer, and vendor of intriguing creativity. There is still plenty of non-fiction reading produced as well.