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Jasmine Thompson Never Let Me Go

Jasmine Thompson Never Let Me Go

 Jasmine Thompson. I think I better start this again. We can’t let Jasmine or her music go; and my question to you is have you heard Jasmine sing before today? I can’t even call her a child anymore, she turned eighteen, and so we better say this young lady from here on out.

Never Let Me Go

All the same, it is such a pleasure listening to Jasmine sing these deeply moving ballets.You’ve heard me state : “Listening to Jasmine Thompson’s music creates a rippling effect of throwing a gemstone into the pond, with beautiful scenic plants, of the heart. Jasmine Thompson’s song selections and your life’s experiences, like gravity, creates the momentum in the pond.”

Without question, the young lady sings with maturity.

All the same, as long as Jasmine is still under twenty-one I’m going to say “brush your teeth, eat you spinach, and I better not catch those funny incense in your room. *Cough* Imagining this is what a father would say *Cough*.

Yes, she is at the age when her mother might have to say, “Look, I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.” Aah, see how I’m flashing back to the days of one writer’s culture to relate that common experience. Hey, it was and still all good.

Keep your sense of humor along with your thinking caps on when you come to this website. Sometimes, my jokes need all the traction they can get. A person related, “Sometimes? Try all the time.

Thank you Jasmine Thompson Seriously, it is at the end of the year, and I want to thank Jasmine and a others for their art, and allowing me to use their professional images in my commentaries, etc.So along with sharing this performance, and what an experience it is, I want to send the POCBOOKS ( Product of Culture) website warm regards to Jasmine, her family, brand manager, official fan site, and a special shout out to her cats! Wishing and hoping the best for all you Perceptive Readers out there; enjoy!Like the The title states, this music cover is from Florence + The Machine.

Never Let Me Go (Live Cover by Jasmine Thompson)

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